Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Coffee Shame

So it's 90+ degrees here in the City. And nothing soothes ones soul on a hot summer day like a nice cup of iced coffee. As I sat at my desk with the 3PM doldrums, I thought I could really use a little pick-me-up to get through the rest of the afternoon. What better than a quick little trip over to the local D&D for some iced coffee. I quickly make my way downstairs, out the door and over to the nearby D&D. I happily wait in line, knowing that in just a few short minutes I will be privy to a great summer time treat: An iced coffee with half & half and splenda. My mouth continues to water as I sit writing this blog now. But 'wait a sec' (you are thinking to yourself) why would my mouth still be watering if just hours earlier I quenched my thirst with this special treat. Well, that is because those boys behind the counter at D&D are sporting cones of shame today for their poor iced coffee etiquette.

I get to the front of the line, I order my iced coffee and wait as it is prepared. And then they bring it over to me: it has 3 ice cubes in it. Really, I'm not joking, I counted them -- there were 3 ice cubes. So I take it back to the cashier and ask if I can have more ice. He looks at me as if I have just asked him in French for more ice. So again, I repeat: please, can you add some more ice -- it's all going to melt as soon as I step outside. Annoyed at my request he pushes it over to the side and yells at his sidekick: "ughhh she wants more ice." A few minutes pass and Mr. Sidekick finally makes his way over to put some extra ice in my cup. He hands it back to me and promptly walks away. There is more ice this time, but not much. I couldn't count the cubes, but let me just say this: it was an insufficient amount of cubeage to make me happy. However, I had already wasted enough time and needed to get back to work. I also secretly hoped that I was just being picky and that it would be perfectly fine.

However, my own ice-cube instincts proved me correct. Before I even got back to my office the ice had completely melted, thereby making the iced coffee a watered down yucky, un-delicious, unhappy mess.

Thus, I am still craving that nice summertime treat. I think I would have been better off just ordering a piping hot cup of joe. At least it would not have been watered down.

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