Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Cone Of Shame

I'm pleased to announce the introduction of a new 'rudeness rating system' here at the City Kitty. I was thinking about my next post and as I contemplated the events as they transpired it led me to the next logical question on the 'who, what, where and why and how' spectrum. WHO? HOW?

I was standing in line at my local deli waiting to pay for my fantastic tunafish sandwich. I was next up, which excited me because I was incredibly hungry and couldn't wait to get home, watch my DVR'ed Bravo Television Programs and eat my de-lish sammy and drink my yummy seltzer. The attendant behind the counter began to ring up my order when these 3 youts (as 'My Cousin Vinny' would say) came up and started to rudely cut in front of me to pay for their sugar-infused sodas. They completely disregarded the line that was obviously formed and began handing money up to the attendant and began demanding 'brown-paper bags' for their silly little sodas. (Why is this detail important? You ask. Well because these youts then began to sit outside of the deli drinking their sodas out of brown-paper bags circa the winos on The Bowery. Do they really think this is cool? I will have to re-visit this issue on another day).

Back to the deli. So the attendant took their money, gave them their brown paper bags and they went on their merry little way, oblivious to the line and the social norm that you have to wait in line to be served. Annoyed, I eventually paid and stomped off towards my apartment in disgust at the entire scenario.

As I thought about posting this on my blog about rude people, I thought to myself: Who taught, or better yet, who failed to teach, these children how to behave in society? Who is at fault for this scenario? How did this happen? Alas, the 'Cone of Shame' evaluation system for the City Kitty was born. Who should bear the blame for this? Who should have to wear the City Kitty Cone of Shame? Well, this week there are 3 winners of the Cone of Shame award.

Number 1: These 3 Youts. They were teenagers. Not small children. They should know better not to be so rude and to jump the line. CONE OF SHAME!

Number 2: The Attendant behind the counter. You sir are also to blame for the transgression of events at the deli. You should not have catered to their annoying behavior. Rather, you should have ignored them. They would have realized that they either have to politely wait or they would have left. Most likely, because they wanted to 'look cool' drinking their high fructose corn syrup in a brown paper bag like a drunk on the sidewalk, they would have waited, you would have made your money and everyone would have been a more satisfied customer, including me. CONE OF SHAME!

Number 3: The parents of these children. Now, when we are allocating blame on this, perhaps, the parents get a smaller cone. They weren't there and one will never know how much the parents have tried to teach the children how to act in an ordered society. However, one must also wonder how the parents have failed since when the parents are not present, the children misbehave. So, to you, the parents of these youts, you too shall wear the cone of a shame, albeit perhaps a smaller cone. CONE OF SHAME.

So unless you want to be the next one sporting the cone of shame, wait your turn!

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