Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome to The City Kitty.

A blog all about the happenings in the City of New York.

These aren't your average NYC "happenings," -- wait a sec, yes they are.

Today I was standing on the platform waiting for the Q train at Dekalb in Brooklyn.

A nice, seemingly normal looking gentleman was standing behind me as was a young female who appeared to be similar in age to this gentleman. As we were about to board the train I heard him say to the woman: 'Is that a good book?' To which she replied with a grimaced face, rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders. This response standing alone was not why I chose to start this blog. It was the next series of events that inspired me to begin writing about the observations I make on a regular basis -- most often times about rude people in the city -- happenings that inspire me to ask: why? Why do people overreact? Why are people so rude to random strangers?

I digress. I apologize. My inspiration: as we boarded the train, this grimaced face female then storms to the other end of the train while rolling her eyes. She went to a far more crowded section of the train than the area where we entered the train -- all to "get away" from this "monster" who dared to innocently hit on her by inquiring about her reading interests. This was an extreme response. It made me sad for the fellow. I wanted to say to him: 'don't worry sir. You are good looking and seemingly nice, she's clearly crazy. You'll have better luck next time.'

I didn't say anything because I was reeling from the rudeness exuded by this icy cookie. Next time, maybe he'll have better luck and maybe I'll speak up against the rudeness. Until then, try to be a little kinder to your fellow humans.

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