Friday, May 28, 2010

So many subway lines, so many cones of shame

So it was only a matter of time before I began my rant regarding etiquette on the subway. I have resisted thus far because I know that many a blogger has complained about the rudeness on the subway . . . but alas, I cannot take it anymore and feel as though I have to dole out a cone today.

Lines. They are formed to create some order in our society. (i.e. see post regarding deli lines below). And lines at the doors of the subway are there for a purpose. To the "oh-too-cool-to-wait-in-this-line-hipsters" who don't seem to get why the line is there in the first place, let me enlighten you as I crown you with your cone of shame. You see, those of us who are waiting in a semi-formed line at the doors of the subway, we are letting the people off the train FIRST because, here's an idea, the faster they get off the train, the faster we get on. So to the girl today in the Canal Street station, with your way too cool hipster bejeweled rubber-band in your hair, you did not need to push me aside. I'm not sure if you thought I was just at the front of the line hoping to be the last person on the train, or you possibly thought I like to spend my time at subway stops staring into trains without entering them. Rather, I was being, dare I say, polite, in letting people off the train first before I get on. What a novel idea. So to you Miss Subway Rudie -- CONE OF SHAME.

That's it for now but trust me, there are plenty more subway-cones-of-shame to come in future posts.

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